David Chandler, Smithfield, RI

Ibelle, Massachusetts I started my spiritual path twenty years ago. After soul searching and meeting many teachers on my path I asked the universe to send me my true teacher! Halie/Halie Hoku appeared two weeks later! Her knowledge, humility, kindness and her selfless and heartfelt teachings brought me to so much understanding, clarity and true love. She is teaching me to shine brighter, To wish harder and to dream bigger! I am.

Maria Torres, Student of Wisdom Boulder, Colorado

” This is really powerful medicine …RAINBOW full spectrum medicine that is the union of Heaven and Earth. The work is multidimensional, accessing and orchestrating a range of Energies from the most rarified to the most Earthly and human. Practices prescribed from the Angelic realms and beyond are for real Integration of all above, below and Eternally HERE. Rainbow Medicine Women is the conduit for this Medicine…a rare and precious Opportunity for Healing is what is being offered. So many Blessings.

NoBo, Cottonwood, AZ

I can’t even begin to explain the magic that occurred during my time spent working and studying with Mary Beth; Rainbow Medicine Women.. Her wisdom and knowledge are vast and she is clearly touched by the ‘Spirit’ above. Her work is divinely guided and inspired and the insights and channeling she receives have no comparison. An opportunity to work with her would be a blessing for anyone on the planet and I would highly recommend seeking her out if you are in need of a powerful blessing, awakening, or spiritual experience.

Mayan Elder, Grand Mother Elizabeth Araujo – Divine Healing Cruise At Sea.

She is stepping up and is being looked at as the female version of ‘John of God’

Victoria Of Light, Wellington, NZ Healing of Love, Medical Intuitive

“I was on a speaking and healing pannel with Mary Beth Rainbow Medicine Women. We where all asked to ‘speak’ a few words during the beginning of the healing. There where four to speak before me and Mary Beth (RMW) spoke before me. As she delivered her words of wisdom as in pure truth and innocence….. I listen. I had a whole speech prepared… and after she spoke of humility and love… I ripped up my speech…. cried … and then sat down. She had said it all and I did not need to speak.”

Renel Raftopoulous, Tatanka Nehwe, Toronto Canada

I met Mary Beth on Divine Healing as I was also one of the panel speakers. She is a rare soul… and one of thirty through out the planet who carries this special medicine.

Tatanka Nehwe SEDONA, AZ

I am a medium and work in the healing arts full time in Toronto. Halie/Halie Hoku walked into the sandwich shop and we could all feel her divine pure presence. We had lunch with her and decided that my guides told me “GO WITH HER”. My sister and my cousin took Halie/Halie Hoku Cathedral Rock Ceremonial Ancient Light Vortex Tour. I want to tell you after she called in the ancient ones… I was literally walking and ‘Weeping’ from the profound opening that happened immediately upon the calling in of the directions. I work as a healer and i can attest that Halie/Halie Hoku retains deep power and humility with all that she is. I was gifted with so much that I am still amazed one month later. She also worked with the creation water at Cathedral Rock… of which I am still understanding. She is the real deal. Please don’t hesitate to “BE WITH” The RAINBOW MEDICINE… its miraculous and magical. Ask yourself what you need inside of yourself to live in pure abundance and love… take the Ancient Light Vortex Ceremonial Vortex Tour… she is rare, pure and most powerful!

Hekau, Phoneix, AZ

OK, Its just amazing… life changing… she is a real medicine women…. While standing at Cathedral Rock near the creation water that has been opened up from Halie… she performed a ‘Medical Intuitive’ scan on my body. She ‘looked right though me’ with pure eyes and began a chant while pulling out my long term eye issue. I am not sure what she did… but as i look at the world now… everything is ‘opened’ and my life is filled with peace. Three years ago Halie/Halie Hoku opened a sacred portal at Cathedral Rock…. I must say I have seen many in my day, but Halie Hoku…the Rainbow Medicine Women is connected to a higher energy that is filled with miracles and love.You can sift through the other tours in Sedona… I hope that all who are seeking ‘truth’ and sacred medicine get the chance to go out with her…. Expect the unexpected with her!!!!!


I met The Rainbow Medicine Women on the Ancient light vortex-ceremonial AIRPORT MESA tour. OMG!!!! I asked her what she could do… she looked at me with pure truth and and asked me ‘What do you want’? … I was so peaceful from being one with joy…. that I could not answer. She said she would send the “wind of change” to me and that I would feel it in less than four minutes. She walked to the corner of airport vortex mesa and began to chant and raise her arms… I stood there as the sun was close to going down…open and ready… inside of what appeared to be two minutes… an amazing large and cool wind came upon me from the direction she was standing… I felt in awe of her ability to work with the elements… She then yelled from where she was standing… and said the ‘birds’ are coming… and soon beyond the wind a flash of birds came upon me… OMG! please take her tour…. it will last a life time!

Cliff Stollenwork, Sedona, Az

some time in July 2011 Halie/Halie Hoku took me to Bell Rock for one of her Ancient Light Vortex-Ceremonial Tours. At the time i was very confused and needed a lot of help. She is kind and deeply connected to land of Sedona, the ancient ones and lives purely in her heart. I learned that she is not about money either as I could not pay her. This did not bother her. She taught me an ancient way of ‘walking a new’…. as well as how to reach the inner earth and become fully grounded. Her ancient ‘Sun Dial’ teachings upon Bell Rock… is a mystical and utter way to ‘receive’ inner light.. so you can take it with you where ever you go. She give purely and effortlessly. Today, I call her my friend.


Thank you sydney


she is good Usa


My first time in her room, first reading, she did a ritual and I believe her. I will see what the results will be, it was for lasting love. Thank you. Melbourne, Australia


Halie Hoku is a Shaman and Medicine Woman. A unique, dedicated and gifted empath, healer, counselor, and spiritual advisor on the oranum community. She works with pure love and light and is guided by a higher council of beings from the Plieades. Halie Hoku is helping me through a very challenging time in my life. I have recieved several healings in private and I can verify the sacred medicine is working. Please consider a private session with Halie Hoku. Listen to her wisdom and recieve a sacred blessing. Are you ready to transform your life for the better? Whatever challenges you face in life, Halie Hoku can help you to overcome them and improve the quality of your life. The healing works on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. This will also help with your personal development. I highly recommend Halie Hoku. Calaras


Halie Hoku, she is the one who garbed me by her “right hand” and gave me light, and love. Thank you Halie Hoku. va beach


great healing powers. helped me get through my break up. I feel so much better and love more. I will be back in 2 days to see how everything turned out!! thank you Melbourne, Australia

Healing and Guidance

Thank you for the healing and guidance Sister Halie Hoku. NYC


Awesome healing and tranquility! Jacksonville

Anna Jean Robertson

Great session… Melbourne, Australia


Thank you! The healing session helped me a great deal! I feel so much better now. Highly recommended. Melbourne, Australia


Native American wisdom is amazing and very connected to the Earth and Spirit World. Halie Hoku is a sincere and straight talking Shaman and Medicine Women. She works with the Universal Creator, Love and Light. If you cross paths then please listen to her message and complete a blessing ritual in private. As this is part of your life quest. Marysville,WA


Very loving & sweet just did my first ceremony with her. So far I feel like weight has been lifted off my shoulders a bit. Time to relax. Amen. God Bless. Norhampton


Excellent, felt really connected. Northampton


A great healer. tx


She is good


shes very unique and kind and talented and most of all verrrry in tune. dallas


very spiritual unique experience. If someone seeks truth, they need to see her. milford


Wonderful lady, healed my heart sadness!




There is some powerful being done in her room if you are ready to be open to it. I think there is something very powerful there.


No judgement, only love!


Wow, she’s great, felt such amazing feeling, will come back and follow what she says! LA


WOW! AMAZING HEALER. So connected. I could feel the energy and her words to be were exactly what I needed to hear and understand. What a blessing to have met her. Highly recommend! Amsterdam


Incredible!!!! Portsmouth, Virginia


Halie Hoku has provide me with a lot of medicine and direction. She is truly amazing and gifted woman that everyone should meet. I am here to do what I was meant to do and she was the one to show me that. Ontario Canada


Very unique highly powerful ritual. She is very caring and takes the time to explain why you’re in this position then faith to move forward. Thank you! 5 STAR Experience – Blessing! nyc


Well,,,,lets see where to begin!! Mesmerizing, tingling, light feeling, Feeling of hope, not despair,,feeling of light ,not darkness, ,,Great energy healing and opening up my senses to them,, She is soothing to the ear, which makes you absorb what she is saying. I hope all her predictions work out for me, sending her love and light also ..thank you ny


A spiritual healer indeed she is.


Great Session! nowhere city


She is a real medicine woman… very powerful healing … felt it immediately … i’m not sensitive at all , but I was seeing lights during her guided meditation… very powerful healer.. San Francisco


She is a strong healer.


Good morning Halie Hoku! I’ve been trying to think what to say to you, about the clearing ritual and sacred ‘magick’ we worked here at Finca Luz in March. What comes up, is a great loud, heartfelt THANK YOU. The property I was trying to sell had been on the market for 4 years, without a single offer. I came close to selling it a year ago, but it wasn’t right. I was too desperate, the buyer was not a person I liked, and at the last moment, the deal fell through. I was disappointed, but also relieved. Since then, there have been only a couple of people even to look at it. Very little land has sold in the area, due to the recession. Then you came to the farm and spent an afternoon with me, clearing, invoking the Guardians, Archangel Michael, and the spirits and fairies who dwell here. My attitude was, well, it can’t hurt and nothing else has worked, so why not? That was close to 3 months ago. You gave me very specific instructions to follow in the days after the ritual work–photo graphs with symbols, particular kinds of listings, offerings to the fairies, and I carried them all out, all the while giving thanks for the work, for the successful sale of the property. You specified within the work that it would all be accomplished in no longer than 120 days. Within 3 days, people came to look at the land. Then more people. And more. I received a mysterious phone call the 1st of June, saying that there was a person in town looking for land and I should call him. I almost didn’t…then thought, no, just do it. I did, then went to the center spot to call in further assistance from the Beings. He came, he fell in love with it–the same way I had, 8 years ago. He “got” it, that this was a magical place. We waited for his wife to come from the US, it all hinged on her approval. I went back to the center spot and spoke with the Beings. Was this correct? Was this the right time? The right person? The animal totems and thunder beings affirmed. We signed a Promise to Buy/Sell contract on June 19. All is moving smoothly–the new surveys, the transfer of title, the various legal bits. There have been NO stumbling blocks. We will close on or before July 18. I got very close to the price you and I had specified, but, because it came directly to me, I do not have to pay a 5% real estate commission, a savings of $10,000! so it is actually a bit MORE than we had specified. THANK YOU. For your clarity, your powerful presence, and for helping me to become clear and to release the anxiety that was keeping me bond up. It is done. Amen. As above, so below. Now the projects are moving forward. Please stay with me in spirit through the closing. All love and light, Elizabeth


Mary Beth, My land sold en Panama due to your healing work on June 26th!… For $200,000 !!!!!! What a miracle! If you need for me to speak to anyone ( realtors, sellers.. or anyone) with regard to your healing work have them email me direct. Thank-you Thank-you and one more big Thank-you!

Stephen Bean, Salisbury, MA

I met Mary Beth Harris at a party that I hosted at my rental property in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She explained what she does for real estate transactions with her clearing work. I said, “Well I don’t have any real estate that I’m buying or selling.” “Well maybe something else that needs clearing,” she suggested. For some reason my Dad’s estate popped into my mind. “You know you could help me by clearing the way for my Dad’s legacy to settle.” “How much do you think it may be?” she asked. “Not much, but I could use the money sooner rather than later.” Mary Beth took a deep breath and blew a hard puff of air over my heart . “In two days you will receive what you are owed,” she said. Three days later I received a voicemail from my sister who had called the day before. She had received a check from the lawyer for $199,978 for me from Dad’s estate. (At the time, I was only expecting about $40,000!) I paid Mary Beth $3600 for her clearing of the estate. It was well worth it! — Stephen Bean, Salisbury, MA

Anita Parsons, Salisbury, MA

I was referred to Mary Beth by a friend of mine. For as far back as I can remember I have suffered from disorganization and ‘clutter’. In fact, when I look back on my life and give an honest appraisal of myself… I have endured healthy symptoms of ‘hoarding’ and complete disorganization through my home. This has caused great confusion and chaos in my life… for me.. my children and my work. Mary Beth came to my house this past July. She ‘sat’ with my property for several hours. She asked me to write down what I wanted with regard to my home. At the time I did not want to ‘sell’ my house but have my home peaceful…prosperous and …I stated I wanted ‘one’ more client to increase my income growth. I let it go at that. She came into the house all dressed in white with a ‘bundle’ she had over her shoulders. Her whole being and energy was peaceful and focused. She went through every room working with the ‘quantum energy’ of my home. It was amazing, really. After three hours she was finished and left with a big smile on her face. When she left I immediately felt a huge ‘shift’ throughout my home. She left clear instructions for me to remove seven boxes a week to throw out give away or sell anything that I longer use on a daily basis. The downstairs cellar area was so cluttered with ‘stuff’ that I could barely walk through it. But I followed her instructions. Two months later I was able to meet with the director of my agency to apply for another client. I take care of handy capped people and up until the ‘quantum clearing’ I was too ashamed of having anyone in my home. But after Mary Beth performed her work with pure ‘intent’ I felt confident and organized enough to seek out another client. On Sept. 12th I found out that I received the green light to bring another client into my home full time! This resulted in an increase of income of $34,000 per year. My house is clean and organized today and my new client is still with me. I would be honored to recommend Mary Beth to anyone! She is one of a kind has a ‘magical’ ability to bring about results. Its ok if I do not completely understand her ‘quantum clearing’ work…. I didn’t have to! Anita Parsons, Salisbury Mass

Mary Chick 34 Newman Road, Newbury, MA

My name is Mary Chick. My family has owned most of the land and dwellings on Newman road for over two hundred years. I inherited the property and dwellings at Newman road. This past summer due to the economy and an illness I was several months behind on my mortgage payments to Indie Mac bank. It seems every other day I received some kind of notice from the bank. In late summer I received legal notification that the bank was foreclosing on my property the due being October 14th, 2010. Mary Beth aka ‘Tenwhitefeathers’ came to my property on Sept, 21st of 2010. From the time she has arrived I have definitely had a more positive outlook on my situation. She did her ‘Quantum Clearing Work’ by first sitting with the property. The next day she instructed me to write down “The things I wanted to get rid off surrounding the property”. I did understand what she meant so she explained it me. “Just write down that your fears of the foreclosure….” It took me several days to do this. But I did it. Next she surrounded the house in ceremony and all of the boundaries surrounding both my home and my guesthouse. She performed a ceremony both outside and inside my home. She was hyper focused with clear intent… One week later the bank informed me that I could refinance my property under the new federal government law to help homeowners. The foreclosure date came and went and the bank did not take my property. Mary Beth guided me and instructed me various forms for the bank and has twenty years experience in the real estate field. I am currently waiting for the final approval for the federally funded loan modification. A big huge heart felt thank-you to Mary Beth! I would recommend working with Mary Beth to anyone who would like their property sold or to stop the foreclosure process. She is positive…has the ability to put you at ease and truly walks with wisdom and integrity! Mary Chick, Newbury, Mass

Stephaine Ogiba

Mary Beth and I were childhood friends and were recently got together after 33 years. The day we got together was the day before I was going to the doctors for an internal ultrasound to rule out any abnormalities and to explain medical issues I had been having. I mentioned this to Mary Beth and she looked at my stomach, did some pointing and blew on the right side. She said there was something there, but not to worry because it was going to be fine. The next day I had my ultra sound and the results came back abnormal. The doctors detected something small and scheduled another ultra sound to pinpoint the problem and set up a day to remove whatever it was. At my second visit the doctor did the exam and whatever was there disappeared. I believe healed me through Mary Beth. I trust her, I love her, and I am honored to know her again.


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