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Stephaine Ogiba

Mary Beth and I were childhood friends and were recently got together after 33 years. The day we got together was the day before I was going to the doctors for an internal ultrasound to rule out any abnormalities and to explain medical issues I had been having. I mentioned this to Mary Beth and she looked at my stomach, did some pointing and blew on the right side. She said there was something there, but not to worry because it was going to be fine. The next day I had my ultra sound and the results came back abnormal. The doctors detected something small and scheduled another ultra sound to pinpoint the problem and set up a day to remove whatever it was. At my second visit the doctor did the exam and whatever was there disappeared. I believe healed me through Mary Beth. I trust her, I love her, and I am honored to know her again.

Mary Chick 34 Newman Road, Newbury, MA

My name is Mary Chick. My family has owned most of the land and dwellings on Newman road for over two hundred years. I inherited the property and dwellings at Newman road. This past summer due to the economy and an illness I was several months behind on my mortgage payments to Indie Mac bank. It seems every other day I received some kind of notice from the bank. In late summer I received legal notification that the bank was foreclosing on my property the due being October 14th, 2010. Mary Beth aka ‘Tenwhitefeathers’ came to my property on Sept, 21st of 2010. From the time she has arrived I have definitely had a more positive outlook on my situation. She did her ‘Quantum Clearing Work’ by first sitting with the property. The next day she instructed me to write down “The things I wanted to get rid off surrounding the property”. I did understand what she meant so she explained it me. “Just write down that your fears of the foreclosure….” It took me several days to do this. But I did it. Next she surrounded the house in ceremony and all of the boundaries surrounding both my home and my guesthouse. She performed a ceremony both outside and inside my home. She was hyper focused with clear intent… One week later the bank informed me that I could refinance my property under the new federal government law to help homeowners. The foreclosure date came and went and the bank did not take my property. Mary Beth guided me and instructed me various forms for the bank and has twenty years experience in the real estate field. I am currently waiting for the final approval for the federally funded loan modification. A big huge heart felt thank-you to Mary Beth! I would recommend working with Mary Beth to anyone who would like their property sold or to stop the foreclosure process. She is positive…has the ability to put you at ease and truly walks with wisdom and integrity! Mary Chick, Newbury, Mass

Anita Parsons, Salisbury, MA

I was referred to Mary Beth by a friend of mine. For as far back as I can remember I have suffered from disorganization and ‘clutter’. In fact, when I look back on my life and give an honest appraisal of myself… I have endured healthy symptoms of ‘hoarding’ and complete disorganization through my home. This has caused great confusion and chaos in my life… for me.. my children and my work. Mary Beth came to my house this past July. She ‘sat’ with my property for several hours. She asked me to write down what I wanted with regard to my home. At the time I did not want to ‘sell’ my house but have my home peaceful…prosperous and …I stated I wanted ‘one’ more client to increase my income growth. I let it go at that. She came into the house all dressed in white with a ‘bundle’ she had over her shoulders. Her whole being and energy was peaceful and focused. She went through every room working with the ‘quantum energy’ of my home. It was amazing, really. After three hours she was finished and left with a big smile on her face. When she left I immediately felt a huge ‘shift’ throughout my home. She left clear instructions for me to remove seven boxes a week to throw out give away or sell anything that I longer use on a daily basis. The downstairs cellar area was so cluttered with ‘stuff’ that I could barely walk through it. But I followed her instructions. Two months later I was able to meet with the director of my agency to apply for another client. I take care of handy capped people and up until the ‘quantum clearing’ I was too ashamed of having anyone in my home. But after Mary Beth performed her work with pure ‘intent’ I felt confident and organized enough to seek out another client. On Sept. 12th I found out that I received the green light to bring another client into my home full time! This resulted in an increase of income of $34,000 per year. My house is clean and organized today and my new client is still with me. I would be honored to recommend Mary Beth to anyone! She is one of a kind has a ‘magical’ ability to bring about results. Its ok if I do not completely understand her ‘quantum clearing’ work…. I didn’t have to! Anita Parsons, Salisbury Mass

Stephen Bean, Salisbury, MA

I met Mary Beth Harris at a party that I hosted at my rental property in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She explained what she does for real estate transactions with her clearing work. I said, “Well I don’t have any real estate that I’m buying or selling.” “Well maybe something else that needs clearing,” she suggested. For some reason my Dad’s estate popped into my mind. “You know you could help me by clearing the way for my Dad’s legacy to settle.” “How much do you think it may be?” she asked. “Not much, but I could use the money sooner rather than later.” Mary Beth took a deep breath and blew a hard puff of air over my heart . “In two days you will receive what you are owed,” she said. Three days later I received a voicemail from my sister who had called the day before. She had received a check from the lawyer for $199,978 for me from Dad’s estate. (At the time, I was only expecting about $40,000!) I paid Mary Beth $3600 for her clearing of the estate. It was well worth it! — Stephen Bean, Salisbury, MA


Mary Beth, My land sold en Panama due to your healing work on June 26th!… For $200,000 !!!!!! What a miracle! If you need for me to speak to anyone ( realtors, sellers.. or anyone) with regard to your healing work have them email me direct. Thank-you Thank-you and one more big Thank-you!


She is a strong healer.


She is a real medicine woman… very powerful healing … felt it immediately … i’m not sensitive at all , but I was seeing lights during her guided meditation… very powerful healer.. San Francisco


Great Session! nowhere city


A spiritual healer indeed she is.


Well,,,,lets see where to begin!! Mesmerizing, tingling, light feeling, Feeling of hope, not despair,,feeling of light ,not darkness, ,,Great energy healing and opening up my senses to them,, She is soothing to the ear, which makes you absorb what she is saying. I hope all her predictions work out for me, sending her love and light also ..thank you ny



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