Creation Water Tool 1

For those seeking love inside of its rarest form Creation Water delivers ancient tools and ‘live’ healing water coupled with sacred blessings that have been vetted…After ‘being with’ Creation Water for a period of time your heart will expand to a place love light and pure joy!


Vetted Ashe Tool 5

This profound Heart Healing Tool delivers the ability for users to daily cleanse .. heal and open their heart spirit and soul. Here you will build your own sacred fire and remove any all inequities inside. Many of the hidden ‘gifts’ inside of Vetted Ashe are presented and have been prepared for the benevolence of the ‘The Hearts of Humanity’ calling forth the light of God for all mankind … To know where they have came from…. To remember who they are and most importantly to know that we are all love. To those who have used these healing tools for the heart ….thousands throughout the earth have stepped forth to bring love and light to all mankind.

Using ancient, vetted tools that she has used for decades working with thousands of people, Hoku has developed a restorative app for LOVE. This powerful App is designed to bring spiritual love to you, literally in the palm of your hand using your iPhone/Android. With the launch of The Heart Healing App, millions of hearts of inside the core of humanity will be reached. No matter where you live, or the love you seek, The Heart Healing Tools are designed to work for you.

The first tool inside The Heart Love App is called Creation Water. This miraculous tool opens up the path to cleansing and healing of the heart in a sacred and profound way to those who come. Each tool inside The Heart Love App will be delivered in sequence each following the other on a path to initiation and love. After seven years in the making Happy Foundation has released the first tool for humanity: Creation Water

Hoku believes it is LOVE that you seek. True love. For self, for others, for you to find that true love you have been seeking. Any age, any color, any persuasion, The Heart Healing app is solely about LOVE.

The ancients used tools. Today, we have apps. Hoku has combined ancient tools with today’s “tools” to bring you an engaging experience that will lead you to the love you want.

How It Works

The Heart Healing App features 8 visual tools selected by Hoku , with narration and partnering with Hoku and the Holy of Holies. It’s credible. Inside of each vetted tool are the many clients who have worked with Hoku over the past 15 years. Thousands have used the tools already and through the App, Hoku will reach millions more – peoples of the world seeking love.

Enter now the path to creating a new heart. Creation Water Tool 1