Happy Foundation



How does the live ceremony work? To begin you must have a computer in order to view the live Healing/Ceremony. Enter the payment gateway of Cleeng to submit your $30.00 contribution. Once authorized payment of $30.00 is complete you will be given a ‘link’ to click and enter the live Healing/Ceremony! In order to have good viewing coverage we also suggest that you ‘test’ your bandwidth on the below button. For maximum viewing it is suggested to have between 5 and 10 mpbs.


The launch is slated for August 27th at sunset at the timing of a most rare and profound aspect in the stars! Happy Foundation, Inc has announced the offering ‘The Happy Foundation App’ after fifteen years in development.

Creation Water Tool 1

For those seeking love inside of its rarest form Creation Water delivers ancient tools and ‘live’ healing water coupled with sacred blessings that have been vetted…After ‘being with’ Creation Water for a period of time your heart will expand to a place love light and pure joy!


Vetted Ashe Tool 5

This profound Heart Healing Tool delivers the ability for users to daily cleanse .. heal and open their heart spirit and soul. Here you will build your own sacred fire and remove any all inequities inside. Many of the hidden ‘gifts’ inside of Vetted Ashe are presented and have been prepared for the benevolence of the ‘The Hearts of Humanity’ calling forth the light of God for all mankind … To know where they have came from…. To remember who they are and most importantly to know that we are all love. To those who have used these healing tools for the heart ….thousands throughout the earth have stepped forth to bring love and light to all mankind.