Hands on a globeHappy Foundation exists for the purpose of ‘opening the joy’ for all peoples red, black, white, yellow and those in between. We gather the hearts of humanity for the truth that exists inside of our birthright. We deliver weekly ceremonies live every Friday via livestream to the world at large.

Fifteen years in the making with a solid council of nine women that sit inside of still nous for Hearts of Humanity, to stop the poaching of the wild animals here and abroad, for peace for mankind, to raise the consciousness of the souls of humanity, and to assist in the healing of mother earth.

We show pure transparency to those seek help inside of our simple guidelines. We are making a promise to the world inside the moment to deliver 50% of all proceeds accepted from the following: The Heart Love App; and The Live Ceremonies held world wide On Select Friday Evenings.

To receive your benefits from Happy Foundation we offer the following challenge to 6% of the worlds population. To begin…. Open your heart and join us during the Friday night Live Healing/Ceremonies. On Select Friday Evenings will host a different topic for healing, for love, for the sacred teachings of ‘truth’. Come and join us- then decide. Also we suggest that those who receive benefits of $5,000 for their cause* participate in engaging The Heart Love App with each tool. The first offering is Creation Water Tool 1 offered now.

Every sixty days there will be a ‘give away’ inside of a live broadcast to those who send letters for the asking. Each and everyone of you will have consideration of your benefit. The decision upon receiving your $5,000 blessing is then voted on by your peers and the council of nine who vote on your behalf. Its simple. We deliver full transparency for The Hearts of Humanity, The Benevolence of Mankind, and The Healing of Mother Earth.

To receive your benefit of $5,000 we offer you the participation of The Heart Love App beginning with Tool 1 Creation Water. Next, enter the path of love and light with the Live Ceremonies On Select Friday Evenings. This will honor you for you to send an email with your request. All are invited. This is a promise held long long ago for the people of the earth to step up and receive that which is their birthright.

How do I receive benefits from Happy Foundation? All inquiries are considered and review. Here are the steps to take: You must first attend a Happy Foundation live Healing/Ceremony in order to be considered. Next all applicants need to get THE HEART LOVE APP tools in order as they appear as they are offered to the world at large. This can be done on google play or on the Apple Store.

Once you have participated in the above you will need to draft a ‘one page’ letter describing who, what, where, when and why. We only accept a letter condensed in one page.

Email your letter of intent to theheartloveapp@gmail.com along with a $65.00 non refundable application fee.

There will be a Happy Foundation ‘Give Away’ every sixty days. We give full transparency and honor the truth to those who come in need. There is a council of nine women who then vote as well as your peers on the disbursement of your funds. This is done on a live broadcast. There is no fee to enter the broadcast in order for the panel to vote on your behalf.

In addition, there will also be a ‘peer’ group vote. This is done by having your ‘one page letter’ read out loud by members of the council of nine.

Once your receive the $5,000 check on live on line… you will then be asked to give $500.00 to another cause and then post it live on three multi platforms of social media.

The first Happy Foundation give away will be sixty days from Earth Day!!!

<strong>Below are the 2015 beneficiaries from Happy Foundation.</strong>

The following gifts where given before the inception of THE HEART LOVE APP  and LIVE HEALING/CEREMONIES  for Mother Earth. The proceeds where delivered from savings.

2015 Happy Foundation Give Away Receivers

Maria Torres-Boulder, CO A student –  $5,000

Grandmothers Circle the Earth and The United Nations Council on Peace Susan Stanton – $6,000

Kahuna of Hawaii  – $1,000

Nick Deck of Nicaragua ‘Wild Animal Rescue Farm’ – $1,000

Grandmother Maureen of Mount Shasta – $1,000

Yoga of Maine Christina –  $750.00

Veda Lewis LMT Marksville, LA – $3,000

Creation Water Tool 1

For those seeking love inside of its rarest form Creation Water delivers ancient tools and ‘live’ healing water coupled with sacred blessings that have been vetted…After ‘being with’ Creation Water for a period of time your heart will expand to a place love light and pure joy!


Vetted Ashe Tool 5

This profound Heart Healing Tool delivers the ability for users to daily cleanse .. heal and open their heart spirit and soul. Here you will build your own sacred fire and remove any all inequities inside. Many of the hidden ‘gifts’ inside of Vetted Ashe are presented and have been prepared for the benevolence of the ‘The Hearts of Humanity’ calling forth the light of God for all mankind … To know where they have came from…. To remember who they are and most importantly to know that we are all love. To those who have used these healing tools for the heart ….thousands throughout the earth have stepped forth to bring love and light to all mankind.

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