“This life as a ‘Medicine Woman’ is something that one does not choose…it chooses you…” -HOKU Makohito Hoku and China

Girl in Sedona

Hoku in Sedona

And so began the oftentimes treacherous but magnificent journey of Hoku – Rainbow Medicine Woman. Born Mary Beth
Murawski in the early 60’s to an alcoholic father and abusive home life, Hoku experienced her first brush with mortality from alcohol poisoning at age 11. Unconscious for three days, she awoke to ridicule and mockery from her siblings and

In the spring of 1980, Hoku was held at knife point and brutally attacked in the combat zone neighborhood of Boston, MA which became the first pivotal “loss of soul” experience for her. As Hoku recalls, “My whole life was shown to me, as if inside of a movie with every scene in my life placed before me during this act.” This life moment was the first time she “crossed over,” never to be the same again.

In the fall of 1983, Hoku was brought to a Catholic priest healer in Worcester, MA where she was chosen from a large
audience. As the priest placed his hand upon her head, she again experienced her life on a vivid movie screen, being
struck with flashes of white light as she laid on the floor in a “world of the in-between.”

Living on the couches of fellow AA members, she was told to “leave NYC as it was going to be blown up!” She made
provisions to move to her native Prince Edward Island to a log cabin at the end of the Red Road she had stayed at during
a previous trip. She lived in a harmonious environment that brought truth, love, miracles and nature together as one.

Of Acadian and Mic Mac native descent, Hoku was also able to travel to visit and study indigenous Indian tribes. As fate
would have it, through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Hoku’s property and income, along with “friendships” she
had acquired, were soon betrayed and she lost everything.

From an early age, Hoku has said that she has always possessed the uncanny ability to “see” what is coming. Her gift of
vision has allowed her to predict many things long ago that have come and gone. She recalls as a youngster, having a
vision of people sitting on couches with “little boxes” watching movies. She says, “If I go to a place on the earth, I
can ‘read’ the earth and as I am tracking, can oftentimes understand the past, present and future of many places, once
my feet are upon the earth.”

Hoku has the ability of ‘journey at will’, and can live inside ‘different worlds.” She says, “Oftentimes this skill of
journey simply comes over me at random and I can ‘see’ different dimensions while still being fully grounded on the
earth…….this frequently occurs after deep meditation and prayer. She goes on to share, “Many ‘colors’ of the rainbow
appear all around at random and at will, and I am able to code the colors….as different dimensions open up to me, I
remain fully grounded on the earth, yet always connected to ‘many many from above.”

Ironically, Hoku’s healing gifts have brought jealousy and scorn from many people, however, she holds no resentment
towards others. She continues to “walk in silent prayer for the benevolence of mankind and for the purification of

Hoku is a friend of the animal world. She is in touch and has the ability to speak to all beings on two, four, or more legs. The same connection applies to nature, encompassing the elements of air, earth, wind and fire. She shares, “I
carry the north wind of change inside of me….the change for humanity and for the people of the earth.” Hoku carries many feathers, of which each feather has one job and activation.”

A black hummingbird appeared to Hoku at her Prince Edward Island log cabin in March of 2009. Hummingbirds don’t fly that far north as the winter is quite cold. This black hummingbird transferred its sacred medicine to her, it being “mission impossible for love.” She would wake up and the bird would tap at the window and wait for her to come outside to sit on her shoulder. She realized something special was happening, and built fires and prayed.

In the summer of 2009, Hoku walked and prayed along the east side of Point Prim, near the log cabin. She saw nine blue herons standing in equal distance apart on the red sand beach just south of where the sacred Ocre is. She could hear them speak to her, each one representing one year of being on the island, nine years total. Then one flew toward the south behind the rocks. She followed it and upon her arrival, she saw the blue heron perched just a few feet away. In that moment, a flash of powerful white light struck her heart chakra and she was struck down onto the sand. She recalls feeling as though she were dying, and the white light came all around her. When she eventually got up, all the colors of the rainbow surrounded her and the clouds came down to greet her. Since that experience, Hoku walks inside of many worlds for the benevolence of the hearts of the world.

Hoku was delivered nine blue heron feathers from her native beach on Prince Edward Island before her departure. Each
feather had its own gift. She spends many days, hours, minutes, and moments with her ‘bundle of gifts,’ sitting with
them, asking for the Great Spirit to come upon her, for the people, for the souls of the world, each doing a different ‘task.’ She carries feathers from a white crane of Panama, each feather having a separate ‘tool’ or function. In December of 2009, Hoku was on a journey and two blue herons came upon her and carved out the healing of her bleeding heart in an event that she calls “magical and profound.”

She is a born manifester. People come to Hoku with their wishes, dreams, problems and health issues. Inter-dimensional beings appear to deliver the upper consciousness of what “people bring to me.”

Hoku has said, “I can always call the stars and ask them questions and they move at will for me.” She has shown this
skill to a chosen few. Whenever the need for help arises, she will pray and ask the creator and Great Spirit to guide
her minute by minute and to show her signs upon which direction to go.

Hoku is no stranger to hunger for food or shelter, and reflects that “I feel as though I have lived one thousand
lifetimes! One day feels like a year and a year feels like one hour!”

Hoku has had the sacred transference of the medicine of many tribal elders (Hopi, Mayan, and others) inside the
interdimensional realm at Chichen Itza, Mexico, Hawaii and other locales. She says, “I would outgrow many of my teachers as I would “see” into their hearts, their minds, their intentions and they would become afraid of me. My medicine is pure, I see the truth.”

Hoku shares, “I can see inside the body and I am also a medical intuitive. The angelic realm comes upon me as the
elements and the animals assist me in my healing.” Many medical doctors nationally as well as internationally have
sought out Hoku to understand and receive the gift of ‘medical intuition’. Several ‘miracles’ have occurred which she is currently trying to document. She also performs psychic surgery and can retrieve a soul when it is lost. According to Hoku, “This task takes a lot from me and requires a tremendous amount of power. Today, I do not seek anyone out, I let them come to me. Large groups are better and easier work, as it takes the same amount of power to work with one individual as it does with the groups.”

She is a prophecy keeper and a visionary. The gift I have is not mine as I am a mere conduit of “my Father in Heaven.
The entire world needs love and it comes in many ways. We teach and deliver that no matter where you are in your life
right now, no matter the obstacles, you can, just by your birthright, step inside the new ‘dimension’ of vetted and
venerated miracles. This is so even if people do not believe…..”

Hoku carries the blessings of the big island of Hawaii. During a vision quest, she was told to go to Hawaii and ask for the blessing of the hearts of the world. She did ceremony at the volcano near the edge of the lava, where a school of dolphins came from the ocean. She shares, “This ‘fire’ spark is used for heart healing and all the suffering I have endured in my life to receive this gift and blessing.”

She shares, “So many of the world’s people are searching aimlessly for what is “heaven”….the path to heaven is
peace…..to live in peace is to create Heaven on earth, and all should know that the doors are wide open. I have been
inside the upper world’s mansions and have been given the understanding of the path to purity and innocence….that path is the heart.” Hoku has been shown many visions of humanity while able to be completely grounded.

For over thirty years, Hoku has been praying and meditating, along with writing and traveling, walking the earth, and
making offerings and blessings for the heart healing of all mankind, all people, all colors, and all religions. Her work is mystical, magical, miraculous and pure.

Visionary, heart and energy healer, medicine woman, intuitive, manifester, wisdom keeper, heroine, and lover of all
peoples, are just a few of the titles that Hoku – Rainbow Medicine Woman carries as she has made this incredible journey through a turbulent, revealing and rewarding life. Coming full circle through the challenging obstacles, Hoku has made the choices to recognize and embrace the signs and healing powers that have changed her life and existence forever. With these new and profound revelations, as she was chosen, she has now chosen to share these ‘gifts’ for the betterment of humanity, the world, and her fellow man. In August of 2013, Hoku sustained a ten day fast in Maine for the healing of the hearts of humanity.

In July of 2014, Hoku performed a sacred ceremony for the hearts of the inside of one of the oldest medicine wheels in the Southwest….on the top of Airport Mesa in Sedona, Arizona. She entered the center with a group of followers in 95 degree heat. Within minutes of calling upon the North Wind, dark clouds appeared over Thunder Mountain. As the
hummingbird flew in and out of the medicine wheel, huge balls of hail and snow began to fall for a period of fifteen
minutes. The hail continued intermittently throughout the following week, though the daily temperatures were over 90
degrees. The North Wind was cleansing and healing the hearts of the world.

Hoku concludes, “We must ‘all’ forgive even the unforgivable. For it is only from this place can humanity begin to reach the depths of love and peace that will heal the wounds that exist in the DNA of all people in the world.”

Hoku is now offering Live Ceremonies for The Hearts of The World every Friday night. In addition, after seven years of production The first tool inside The Heart Love App, Creation Water is now being offered to those who come.