The Heart App logoAre you seeking to have a relationship with the heart and to simply give and receive love? Rainbow Medicine Women has just completed The Heart Love App, available on Google Apps; Featuring stunning imagery, voice over guiding, and intricate meditations, The Heart Love App is easy to use and engaging for one’s own needs. The purpose of The Heart Love App is for all peoples of the world to gather inside the bands of truth and love – regardless of race, age, sexual identification or the interdimensional realm.

Using a series of ancient tools developed for transformational love, Hoku’s The Heart Love App guides its user into a “frequency upgrade” for healing of the heart of wounds and hurts, fears and flaws. Combining her own rituals and stories, Hoku’s medicinal path via The Heart Love App helps each user to begin to create their OWN new STORY.

“Fifteen years ago, living inside mystical, magical and miraculous worlds, I received the first ‘original download’ of information to touch and open 6 percent of hearts for the world,” Hoku explained in a soothing voice featured on the App. “The 8 ancient tools from the Holy of Holies are my actual ‘bundle’ created for each person using The Heart Love App.

Hoku’s activation tools take the users on a journey to initiate world love, without any one-belief system except for pure love and vetted healing. The sacred bundle featured in the App includes Creation Water to Vetted Ashe. After seven years in the making the first Tool inside The Heart Love App is now being offered on Google Play. Tool One is called Creation Water and is filled with ancient blessings of healing with fun interactive play to ‘open the heart’.

In addition to the App, a council of nine will sit and pray each Friday for App up user’s healing. This interactive group of live angels sending forth light and love will be working with the inner realms to ensure the success to those who come and use the Heart Love App. Much of the App is based on the Rainbow Tribe Prophecies.

The Heart Love App is fitting for the times we all live in right now. Its main focus is for those seeking to open the heart to ‘Love’.

“We must all forgive, even the unforgiveable,” Hoku said. “It is only from this place that humanity can begin to reach the depths of love and peace that will heal the world that exists in the DNA of all peoples of the world.”

Visionary, prophetess and manifester of miracles, Hoku has worked with thousands of clients around the world, delivering the “soul schemata” of people. For five years Hoku traveled, living in 54 unique places, making offerings, petitions and direct prayers for The Hearts of the World. Without means of money and not knowing where she would sleep each night, Hoku carried on. Many of the tools inside The Heart Love App were delivered to her during this time of deep trance meditation solitude and prayer.